Unusual Suspect


Unusual Suspect / VICE

Psychedelic animated loops for a larger-than-life story.

"It sounds like a good crime novel," Hanson's former defense attorney Russell Babcock said in court last year... The full accounting of Hanson's criminal rise and fall—which includes, among other details, a lucha libre mask, a suitcase full of cash hidden in the ceiling of an apartment in Australia, and a man who calls himself Robin Hood 702—has yet to play out in court. But through publicly available court records and interviews with Hanson and people who have known him, it's possible to piece together a story that does justice to his former attorney's statement. Owen Hanson's life would make a good crime novel—which makes it even harder to believe that it's all real."

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Produced for VICE Sports
Written by Eric Nusbaum
Animation and Illustration: Kolin Pope